About: Trey Bell

Trey Bell is a published Fine Art Photographer/photojournalist living and working in the forests of East Texas and the urban glory of Dallas.
Trey is Descendent from Bartolame Estaban Murillo the Spanish baroque painter, closer down the family tree is a French aristocrat in the court of Maximilian I and a Mexican revolutionary, and finally the son of a modern artist. Trey was raised around the world of fine art and music, learned both in and out of the home so that later in life he took to it as a means of creative outlet and career.
More work from Trey can be viewed here
Trey also keeps a photojournalistic blog here.

Photographic Services


TDK Photography offers a wide variety of services and packages for your wedding and engagement needs.
We can fit any price range and service level desired. Further examples of TDK Photography's matrimonial work can be seen here.


Whether it is a graduation or 50th wedding anniversary, TDK Photography will keep those moments alive forever.
Our Senior and Family Portrait services will make for lasting memories.


The birth of a child is one of the greatest events in a family's life. Let TDK Photography help you remember this wonderful time and the gift that is bestowed upon the family, with photographs. Examples of TDK Photography's Maternity and Child Portraits can be viewed here

Documentary Services

There are certain times in everyone's life where we wish we had something more than the camera on our phone; that sunset on the beach, the presentation of a civic award, the 21 gun salute, TDK Photography will document these momentous occasions for you in high definition.

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